ASIAN COMMUNITY INSTITUTE(ACI)・JAPAN MEDICAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATION(JMBA)      Co-sponsored International Research Conference Program

proglam time contents presenter Remarks
opening  9:45 Opening Declaration Vice President    Nobuko KURONO  JMBA Moderator:Nobuko KURONO
opening remarks 9:45~9:50 Organizer greeting Pesident      Tatsuya OHTOMO   JMBA
9:50~9:55 Director             Jeong-yi Park          ACI 
9:55~10:05  Congratulatory speech  Busan University of Foreign Studies
Pesident   Gi-young Jung
(Interpreter:Jeong-yi Park)
10:05~10:15  Commemorative photograph All participants  
Keynote Speech 10:15~11:15 Korean Medical Insurance System and Payment System of Medical Expenses  GOOD SAMSUN HOSPITAL, Infection control Dept.  
Deputy general manager : Su-hee Chun
(Interpreter:Jeong-yi Park)
Moderator:Tatsuya OHTOMO
 presentation time  Japanese research report department 11:15~ Research on Effectiveness of Algorithm Medical Cost Calculation Method in “Ohtomo Calculation Method” Tatsuya OHTOMO  Nobuko KURONO Moderator:Satoshi KUBO           (Kuroki YUMI)         
  A Study of Medical Fees Including the Concept of Prevention in Medical Care  Aika OKUYAMA  
  Current Situation and Problems in Pharmacies in Japan. Analysis by Local Interviews.  Yuki KOBAYASHI
  Career Development among Medical Worker Saiko TOKUNAGA
   Revision  of long-term Care Fee and Bankruptcy and Retirement of Nursing Care Service Establishments.   Yasuhiro HATA
 ~12:15  Survey on the Medical Fee for Clinical Examination Using NDB Open Data  Satoshi KUBO
Lunch and movement 12:45~14:30      
Hospital tour 14:30~15:00 Lecture   GOOD MOONHWA HOSPITAL, Quality & Patient Safty team  
manager : Jae-yeon Kim
(Interpreter:Jeong-yi Park)
15:00~16:00 Tour in the hospital・Question and answer    Interview survey to hospital staff ( after time)  
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