The 2nd World Congress of Medical Insurance and Health Care

The 3rd Japan Congress of Medical Insurance and Health Care
The 2nd World Congress of Medical Insurance and Health Care

New Normal for Sustainable Health Care System and Global Economic Development

ZOOM WEB Conference
Date and time: Japan Time Sunday, February 14, 2021 9:00 to 17:00

Congress Chair Akemi Kariya Prefectural University of Hiroshima Faculty of Health and Welfare

Congress Executive Chair Minoru Yasuda

Hiroshima District Hospital Secretary-General Association Caretaker

Congress Executive Chair Sumie Ariyoshi
Honorary Chair of Hiroshima Medical Information Study Group

Co-sponsored:Hiroshima District Hospital Secretary-General Association / Hiroshima medical information study session
Sponsorship:Hiroshima Medical Association / Hiroshima City Medical Association


9:00-9:10 【Greetings】
Congress Chair Akemi Kariya

1. International seminar
 「New Normal for Sustainable Health Care System and Global Economic Development

9:10-9:30 【LectureⅠ】
「Effect of COVID-19 Infectious Pandemic on Health and Economy in the United States」
United States of America – Amy J. Barton, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF  
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus College of Nursing

9:30-9:50 【LectureⅡ】
「Finland’s COVID-19 policy and health insurance system」

Republic of Finland – Minna Kaarakainen PhD    
University of Eastern Finland Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

9:50-10:40 【LectureⅢ】

「Comprehensive countermeasures against covid-19 ∼From the standpoint of local administration and international cooperation∼」 
Executive Technical Advisor at Human Development Department, JICA
Former Director General of Health & Welfare Bureau, Hiroshima Prefecture

10:40-11:30 【LectureⅣ】   
「Pharmacy Management and Drug Remuneration With New Normal」
Japan – Yasunori Ijima  Chairman of the Ueda Pharmacist Association

11:30-12:00 【Discussion】

2. General presentation / Student presentation


1 「Patient Safety:safety culture and resilience」
Atsushi Kato

2 「Report on trends in women-specific diseases and COVID-19 infection based on receipts」
 Yasuomi Sato, Tadashi Sakamoto and Taisuke Ichihara

3「Purpose and Effect of Credit Rating Acquisition at Medical Institutions」
  Shintaro Idemitsu

4「A study on the differences of Medical Services in Uninsured Medical Costs – Focusing on medical certificate and influenza vaccine -」
  Ibuki Hasegawa

5「The state of medical institutions in local shopping streets – Takamatsu Marugamemachi Shopping Street as an example -」
  Sana Tomimura

6「Reduction of initial medical fee due to health checkup」
  Moe Chikahisa

7「A Study of Flight Medical Fees on International Flights」
Hirona Takenami

8「Thinking about Euthanasia」
 Miku Inaguma, Miku Sakuma, Mayu Suzuki and Haruna Suzuki       

3. Medical care management symposium 「Medical / Long-term care management with New Normal

13:00-14:30 【Keynote speech】
「Revision of current medical treatment fee/nursing care fee in 2021」
Azusa Nakabayashi(ASK Azusa Medical Fee Research Institute Co., Ltd. President)     

14:30-14:50 【Assignment reportⅠ】
From the standpoint of acute hospital management     
Tomohiro Nishida(Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Association Kure Mutual Aid Hospital)

14:50-15:10 【Assignment reportⅡ】                      
From the standpoint of medical treatment hospital management           
Minoru Yasuda(Medical Corporation Shoueikai)

15:10-15:30 【Assignment reportⅢ】      
From the standpoint of public hospital / private hospital management   
Akio Aoki(Social medical corporation Seifu-kai)

15:30-15:50 【Assignment reportⅣ】                               
From the standpoint of medical association management                          
Mikio Kihara,MD(Mihara City Medical Association Chairman) 

15:50-16:10 【Discussion】                           
4.  Discovery and analysis of Japan’s oldest medical fee receipt in the Meiji era 

16:10-16:55 【Lecture】
「The world of Kodera family documents」  
Nobuko Kurono(Okazaki Women’s Junior College)
Hiroshi Ishikawa(Nagoya University Graduate School) 

5. Award Ceremony / Closing Remarks

Chairperson Tatsuya Otomo

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