The 3rd World Congress of Medical Insurance and Health Care


The 3rd World Congress of Medical Insurance and Health Care


Medical Welfare in the Near Future

~Data Science and Health Support~


ZOOM WEB Conference

Date and time: Japan Time Sunday, February 26, 2022 9:00 to 17:00

Congress Chair Sumie Ariyoshi

H・BRIDGE Co., Ltd.  Medical department GM

Honorary Chair of Hiroshima Medical Information Study Group


Yamaguchi Prefectural Grand Medical Center Medical Information Management Department Chief


Congress Executive Chair  Akemi Kariya

Asahigawaso ResearchInstitute Research Fellow


Seno Shirakawa Hospital Executive Director

Congress Executive Chair  Minoru Yasuda


Co-sponsored:Hiroshima District Hospital Secretary-General Association / Hiroshima medical information study session/Yamaguchi Medical Information Management Study Association

Sponsorship:Yamaguchi Medical Association(Scheduled request)

<Program (draft)> Updated on 2021.9.25

9:00-9:05 【Greetings】
Congress Chair Sumie Ariyoshi


Ⅰ.International seminar 

「Thinking about medical expenses from health education」   

Chair:Osaka University of Human Sciences Associate Professor Yasuhiro Hata



【LectureⅠ】Swedish style health and education

Journalist   Ryoko Sato-Linder



【LectureⅡ】Sweden’s Health Education Past and Current Situation―Compared to Japan―

Osaka Kyoiku University  Honorary professor  Masaaki Nimonji



【LectureⅢ】Medical Situation in Czechoslovakia

SZŠ Ruská medical lyceum  Sofie Krajčovičová

Interpretation:Denpa Gakuen Katsumi Ito



【LectureⅣ】Health Education at Special Support Education Schools ― Current Status of Foreign Children and Educational Supportー(Tentative title) 

Okazaki Women’s University  Jun Shiragaki

Miyoshi Special Support Education School

Tsubaki Special Support Education School  Jualy Yoko Gonzales Achon


11:05~11:35【LectureⅤ】Current Status and Issues of Training Gyms in Japan 

President Kazuyuki Ito




2. Information provision   


Introduction of Qualifications and Certifications of Receipt Manager

Chairperson Tatsuya Otomo


Introduction of Collaboration Project

Vice-chairperson  Nobuko Kurono


3.General Presentation/ Student Presentation

12:15~13:15   (Under recruitment)


  1. Symposium「Current Status and Issues of Hospital Management in Data Science」

Keyword:「near future」「ICT」「electronic data」

Chair:Sumie Ariyoshi(H・BRIDGE Co., Ltd.  Medical department GM)


13:15~15:15 【Keynote speech】  

Reiwa 4-Year Medical Fee Revision and Hospital Management

Azusa Nakabayashi(ASK Azusa Medical Fee Research Institute Co., Ltd. President)


15:15~15:35 【Assignment reportⅠ】

Current Status and Response of Public Hospital


15:35~15:55【Assignment reportⅡ】

Current Status and Response of Acute Care Hospitals


15:55~16:15【Assignment reportⅢ】

Current Status and Response of Care Mix Hospitals


16:15~16:45【Assignment reportⅣ】

Management Improvement Through Hospital Transition and Ward Reorganization




  1. Award Ceremony / Closing Remarks

16:55 ~17:00   Chairperson Tatsuya Otomo

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